Buy Magic Mushrooms in Ontario

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2.  If you want to get outside the cities, you can check out all five great lakes in Ontario. 

3.  Head to Niagara Falls and stay in one of the many great hotels and resorts in the area. 

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5.  Sit by the water near any one of these wonders of nature and eat on some Golden Teachers.

6.  Toronto is home to major league baseball, soccer and hockey with the Blue Jays, Toronto FC and the Maple Leafs, while Ottawa hosts another NHL team called the Senators. 

7. Niagara falls are absolutely stunning and are sure to blow you away – remember to bring a rain coat. 

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15  If you do go up the worlds fastest elevator to the top of CN Tower, we recommend microdose capsules before hand for a fun ride.

16 After checking out the bustling city of Toronto, you might want something with a bit of slower pace – no worries, Ontario has you covered.
20  For the sports fans out here, Ontario can offer you a lot. 

21  You can check out where the bid decisions are made in parliament hill, Ottawa or walk amongst the clouds in the world famous CN Tower in Toronto. 

22  Ontario is home to an abundance of Canadian historical sights, stunning nature, and all sort of fun urban activities.